Thassos - Hotel Fedra, Golden Beach

The island of Thassos, the richest island of Greece

Thassos belongs to Kavala’s Prefecture and it is the northern Greek island, 7 miles away from the coast of East Macedonia, really close to Keramoti’s gulf and the outfall of Nestos River

The combination of sea and mountains in Thassos is something, that you barely find in other Greek islands. The surface of the island is 393 km². Pines trees, sycamore trees, oak trees, olive trees, cover more than 7/10 of the island’s surface. In Thassos brass, lead, silver, iron reserves are materials easy to find. In the ancient years the famous mines, woods, shipyards gave to the island big growth, glory and progress. Thassos was also known for the good wine.

Nowadays the island is famous for the marbles, olives, honey, oregano -the best variety- and homemade sweets such as walnuts and figs in particular. Hospitality, good food, and relaxed days in Thassos will be remembered for years. Sandy beaches, clear blue sea, ideal for water sports and diving, and for the less adventurous, sightseeing and romantic sun sets.

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